About Me

Hi and welcome to our life adventures! My name is Dawn and I am a mom who is loves blogging but is not

always the best at writing the about me page - I am sure this page will always be work in progress :) I love sharing the experiences we go through in life and the fun we have in our journey.

I have learned a lot throughout life and have had some ups and downs just like others have, but I look at the downs as a way to learn and grow stronger.  Teaching our children to make life the best you can is something that is very important to us.  I believe in encouraging children (and adults too) to be themselves and to believe in themselves.

It took me a long time to realize that I don't have to be perfect and I am not perfect.  There is really no such thing as we are only human.  Don't get me wrong, I never thought I WAS perfect just always tried to perfect everything I did.  It sometimes kept me from trying new things (fear I wouldn't do it right) and it also drove me crazy sometimes (got frustrated when it wasn't perfect.)  But now I put the whole concept of perfect into a new perspective and it changed the way I do things and think too.

Some of the many interests I have are cooking, gardening, kids activities, crafts, outdoor fun, walking, blogging and so much more! I am always experimenting in the kitchen and sometimes it is a good thing while other times it probably is not.  Tho the family won't tell me when I goof, but I know when I really don't like the way it turned out.  You will see me post some of my fun, easy or favorite recipes on our blog from time to time.

My goal for Daily Adventures of a Work at Home Mom is to have fun in life and share it.  I like to share activities that kids may like, food that they may like or anything else family related.  Of course I would like to see our blog grow in readership, but we are focusing on the having fun part and hoping the rest falls into place!

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