Monday, April 8, 2013

Why We Don't Let the Kids Chew Much Gum

Remember when we were young and gum had sugar in it? I mean real sugar? Yeah they said it was bad for teeth, but in moderation really was not that bad.  Well I miss those days of gum having real sugar! We will not let our kids chew gum often now and not because of it "being bad for teeth."  There are bigger concerns here for us.

All the major gum makers are putting Aspartame in their gum.  Read the labels and you will see it in there.  Some have other sweeteners too and we are completely against any of these sweeteners.  Why can't they just go back to having sugar?

Artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame has been thought to cause (and I believe linked to) various illnesses including cancer.  I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest, I was told to avoid anything that contained Aspartame or Saccarin as they were not definite that it was safe to the fetus.  I also get sick when I have sweeteners - light headed and also stomach discomfort.

I don't believe that this stuff should be put in gum for kids to chew personally.  I only let them chew gum on occasion but I worry if I made the right choice every time I do! I also notice that some sweeteners are going by different names too - I cannot remember the chemical names but have seen odd names that when Googled come up as a sweetener.  And if it is sugar free, you can guarantee that there is a sweetener in it.

Do you let your kids chew gum or do the sweeteners worry you too?
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