Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Colored Easter Breakfast

colorful spring breakfast
Spring time brings some many things back to life and the colors of spring are beautiful! Easter is a wonderful holiday that the family spends together, why not make a spring colored breakfast?

This is a simple way to add some color to your breakfast.  We made it this morning as everybody in our house is in a spring kind of mood with warmer weather on it's way! All we did was used food coloring to the food.

For the pancakes I split the batter in half in 2 bowls.  I added blue to one of the bowls to make it a light shade of blue and red to the other bowl to make it a reddish pink.  Depending on how much batter you are making, you can split it into more bowls to make more colors - we didn't make enough to split across too many bowls even tho I would have loved to add purple! Add the food coloring a couple drops at a time and stir so you can reach the shade you want.  Pancake batter is easy to make any shade or any color since you are starting with an almost white batter.  Once batter is colored, cook pancakes how you usually would.
pink pancake batter

blue pancake
For the eggs we used the green food coloring.  Eggs are not as easy to change to your desired color since they are yellow and some colors just won't turn out the same with this yellow tint.  Green works well and you can make orange easily too.  We scrambled the eggs as we normally would.

That is it, it was simple and we had spring colors as a part of our breakfast!

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