Thursday, March 21, 2013

Having Fun With Crayons

Crayons are something that every household with kids has.  In our house, we have a lot of crayons (and that is an understatement!) I thought my youngest was coloring the other day as she grabbed the huge bin of crayons and a drawing pad.  She was quiet while I was on the computer and suddenly told me to come check out what she made.  So of course I had to go check it out :)

I thought maybe she drew a picture she wanted me to hang up but when I walked over to check it out, I saw something even better! She used the crayons to spell a special message for me on the floor.  She didn't write on the floor at all and it made my day.

She also loves all of the different pictures that Google puts on their home page.  She thinks some of the things they do are really cool! So after I had gone back to the computer and she told me she was going to color, she decided to do something else first.  When she called me back over to see what she created she asked me "Mom, can you put this on your blog so Google can see it? I made this for Google."  Here is the picture I promised I would put up for her.  I just hope that one day Google will see it :)

She was so proud of her masterpiece she made for them.  I love the creativity of children.  She had some fun with crayons in more ways then coloring that day.
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