Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Fun Winter Day

As written by one of my daughters.  We typed it together, but I kept it exactly the way she wanted :)

One winter morning I woke up with snow on the ground.  I was so happy.  I asked Mom if I could play in the snow and she said yes.  I quickly got ready and ran outside in the snow to play.  I made a snow angel as soon as I went outside.  It was a lot of fun!

The snow angel

Then it was night time and we went for a walk in the snow.  We made a snowman for the front of the house. First I rolled a big snowball for the bottom of the snowman.  Then I rolled a medium snowball and put the medium snowball on top of the big snowball.  Next I rolled a little snowball and put the little snowball on top of the medium snowball.  Finally I decorated my snowman with carrots.  I had a fun time in the snow!

The snowman for the house

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