Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Child's Creativity is Always Amazing

The Groundhog Game
My girls are both very creative in their own ways.  One likes to draw a lot and is always drawing cool outfits and dresses, while the other likes to make up games - and she likes to draw too.  We like to encourage them to be creative so we always have enough art supplies for them to do various things.

Last night one of my girls asked me to play a game with her that she made.  This is always a big thing for her,  she loves to see what we think of her games! So of course I said yes.  She finished making the game and I asked her what it was called.  She called said it is The Groundhog Game.  Cool :) So we sat down to play The Groundhog Game with her.  She showed us all of the pieces she made for it and exactly how to play.  It was a very creative game with a bit of learning too!

She was so excited to be sharing with us exactly how to play and what each piece was for.  What was very cool is she had different colors of construction paper cut out.  Each person picked the top color card and told another play what kind of food they would need to get.  This food had to match the color card they picked up.  If they picked up blue, they could ask the player to get blueberries.  Of course this was all for pretend, we really were not going to the store in search of all these foods!

It was a lot of fun and it was very cool of her to make a game for us to play on family night! She was quite excited about Groundhog Day and that was how she came up with her idea. Do you have a family game night?

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