Saturday, December 8, 2012

We Made Homemade Soft Pretzels Today

Our yummy homemade soft pretzels :)
Mom took us for a ride up to this really cool pretzel factory last weekend.  If you go early enough (which we didn't because it was our last stop), you can watch them make the pretzels there.  They have a variety of pretzels from burnt pretzels to everything cream cheese soft pretzels.  Oh yes it was a fun place for pretzel lovers!!

They had hard pretzels, wheat pretzels, soft pretzels of all varieties and so much more! So my decision was quite hard when we were in there.  Everything smelled and looked so good :) But the one thing that I did see when we were there was the pretzel dough mix with a yeast pack included.  I just had to get it for a fun project with the kids.  The kit came with the pretzel salt, but we also bought a container of everything mix - the same mix from the everything bagel yum!

We didn't have a lot on the agenda today so it was the perfect day to make some yummy soft pretzels. This mix made it quite simple and next time I go up that way (it is a bit of a drive away) I will have to get more! We did have to let the pretzel dough rise for an hour and then roll them out, so that was the longest part.  But mixing it was quick, kneading the dough took about 5 minutes and baking them was about 9 minutes. 

Once the pretzels were done, 2 of us topped ours with cream cheese and 2 of us did not.  It was like having an everything bagel! This was a super easy project that the kids can definitely help with.  If you ever see any pretzel mixes or even recipes (I don't believe they are too complicated to make without the mix), you may want to try it!

The pretzel dough before baking
We didn't roll some of the pretzel dough thin enough and long enough in the beginning as you can see by the picture.  But we learned for next time lol! The girls started wanting to do pretzel sticks and twists so we did them too.  There were many toppings we could have done, but we did most with the everything mix and some with the pretzel salt.  Was an awesome day with the kids :)
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