Sunday, December 30, 2012

Making a Snowman Using Only Nature For Parts

Our snowman in the park

Yesterday we had got a little snowfall.  Not as much as we used to get here when I was a kid, but a few inches was all we needed to have some fun! We decided to go for a walk in the snow and we ended up in the local park.  One of the kiddos decided we should make a snowman for our park as a decoration.  So we did just that!

When we are home and make a snowman, we usually use things from inside for eyes and even a nose.  But we were out walking and decided to make one, so we were not as prepared.  Was ok tho, nature provided us with all we needed to make the cool snowman. 

First I rolled up the snow for the bottom and the middle.  It was a perfect packing snow so it was a perfect snow for a snowman! While I was making the body, my youngest was looking for sticks to use for the arms.  It was a little challenge because everything was covered in snow, but she was able to find some that were buried.  Enough for our cool snowman tho!

Once the body and the head were finished, she put the arms in.  Then she decided to use a stick for it's nose.  Now we needed eyes and there are not a lot of little rocks around the park and it would have been hard to find some under the snow.  I did find some leaves under the snow and decided to use them for eyes, it worked perfectly!

Our snowman was complete, but she wanted  a mouth.  So she decided to take a stick and try to stick it to it's face.  It looked like a sad snowman with a straight mouth.  But I carefully bent the stick in half and made it a smile :)

It was an awesome day with some fun in the snow! We love building a snowman, how about you?


  1. Really cute! Looks like you had a lot of fun and left something for everyone to enjoy. Reia from

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun, I felt like a kid again :)


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