Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Fun - Make a Gingerbread House

Our finished gingerbread house

Of all the fun activities we do around the holidays, a gingerbread house is one tradition the kids ask to do each year.  It is a lot of fun for all of us really! Usually we buy a kit from the store to make one, but you don't have to buy a gingerbread house kit to make it.  There are many kits if you decide to buy one, this year ours came pre-assembled.  That was by accident, but easier lol.  When we were ready to make it, I was surprised to find the gingerbread house was already assembled.  Apparently when I have a tiring day shopping I do not read the box too well, but it made it much easier :)

Aha! Pre-assembled gingerbread house :)
Usually I assemble the house from a gingerbread house kit and then the girls decorate, but this year with it pre-assembled all I had to do was get the icing ready and watch them have fun! Now if you don't want to buy a kit but want to make a gingerbread house, you can actually just use cake icing and graham crackers.  If you do the graham crackers and cake icing, you will need to have a container (like a milk carton) for support under the graham crackers. We did do the graham cracker and cake icing house on a school project before and it worked quite well.  You can use the cake icing to attach the graham crackers to your container and also for decorating.  You will need candies for decorations.  Marshmallows, gum drops, M&Ms and candies like this work well.  Be creative!
These decorations originally were on the roof of the gingerbread house

Now since we bought the gingerbread house kit, ours came with the candies and everything we needed.  The kids had a blast! A gingerbread house is something that you just let the kids (or you can decorate too) decide how it should look.  Oh what fun you can have!

Do you build a gingerbread house for the holidays?

They decided to remove the roof decorations and make them "yard " decorations


  1. What a great job on the Gingerbread House! I love the yard decorations! Sounds like some good memories were made and that's worth everything! Thanks for sharing your Gingerbread House with us! Reia from

    1. Thank you Reia :) They had so much fun making their house! It is something we look forward to every year.

  2. I love the Gingerbread house. I purchased a little village this weekend. I am looking forward to doing that with my child this weekend. We only have two more days of school until January.

    1. Thank you Cynthia :) It is always fun to make! Wow, only 2 days left until January - I bet my kids wish they only had 2 days lol! We go through next week yet. Hope you have a fun time with your village!


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