Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Child's Teacher

Teachers can be hard to buy gifts for at Christmas time.  We meet them and get to know them as a teacher, but we don't often know the things they like.  I often try to give them homemade things that the kids help me make them, tho I have also bought them cute and unique gifts too.  I cannot share this years idea as I do not want their teachers to see this post and ruin the surprise, but I will share a gift from the past.   I do not have a picture as it was from a couple years ago and long before I thought of this blog post.  I also asked a couple of my blogging friends to give me ideas as well!

One Christmas gift we made for the teachers was a big hit.  We bought 2 tins big enough to put a nice amount of cookies in them.  I let the girls choose between wrapping paper and construction paper to cover the whole outside of the tin, even tho they were cute Christmas tins.  They decorated them to share their creativity with their teachers and to add the special touch.  Then they used whatever they wanted to decorate the paper covering the tin.  We used Christmas stickers, they made Christmas shapes out of construction paper and they also used some markers.  Whatever they wanted to use to make it special. 

After decorating the tin, they helped me make Christmas cookies to put in the tin.  They decorated the cookies for them and then we put a bunch of cookies in each tin.  If you do not know if your child's teacher has a nut allergy, I would recommend putting any cookies with nuts in a separate bag so they can still eat the ones in the tin.  The teachers absolutely loved this gift! It was something the kids made and was also delicious :)

Here are some ideas from some lovely blogging friends:

Cynthia from Richly Middle Class recommends checking out a site called  She had got some really cute throws from there that would be a great gift idea! People do not always think about buying a throw, but usually use one when they have it. 

One Mommy from There's Just One Mommy has some great ideas too.  She suggested anything homemade, a jar that you fill with hard candies, homemade ornaments (I love that one) and even books for the classroom.  Books for the classroom is a cool idea that I would not have thought of :)

Cortney from The Mommyhood Project has a delicious recipe to share that would make a delicious gift! You can even put them in one of the decorated tins too! They are White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels and you can see how easy it is to make these fancy and delicious looking pretzels on her blog. 

Ginny from Lemon Drop Pie shares a couple really cute gift ideas that she had received from students as a teacher.  They are homemade and adorable ideas! Check out her Gifts for Teacher post and get some more wonderful ideas!

Thank you ladies for sharing your ideas, it can be hard to buy for teachers when you do not really know them all that well.  I hope you check out the blogs from the ladies here, they all have wonderful blogs! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)
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