Monday, September 10, 2012

I Found an Asian Tiger Mosquito :(

Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopicts, beginni...
Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopicts, beginning its blood-meal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Asian Tiger Mosquito had made it's appearance here by us.  We had heard of the town spotting them and talking about putting warnings out about them, but I had not seen one until the other day.  We have had a ton of bugs this year and a ton more spiders to go along with the bugs, we have had many bugs I have never seen before this year too! I will take the spiders tho, they eat bugs.

So now more about this Asian Tiger Mosquito that I found.  Can you guess where I spotted it? Yup you guessed it on one of the kiddos.  It wouldn't bother me so bad if it was on me (no I don't like bugs, but would rather them get me then the kids.)  Bugs don't like me as much as they do the kids tho.  Well either that or I don't get a reaction from the bites.

What got me the most about this Asian Tiger Mosquito is that it was on my daughter's leg shortly after our county sprayed the town because of these bugs being in town.  The county was up and down our road and surrounding roads all night for about 6 hours straight.  Then 5 hours later, at the bus stop, I spotted one on my daughter's leg.

This Asian Tiger Mosquito did bite her a couple times and yes they are a bit more aggressive then a regular mosquito.  They also bite during the day and not at dawn and dusk, like most other mosquitoes do.  I did report my Asian Tiger Mosquito siting to the town as they wanted to know where they get spotted.  I haven't seen one since Friday tho, maybe they were just the last ones lingering from the spray.

She is ok so far, no fever or anything and a little Benadryl stopped all the itching.  I am not real worried about the West Nile Virus as there were very few (tho 1 or 2) mosquitoes that actually tested positive for it here in town.  Of course we still have to keep an eye on her, but I am sure she will be just fine.  From what I understand, the number of people who will actually get sick if bitten by an infected mosquito is low.  The percentage of mosquitoes that are infected with the virus is low too.

These Asian Tiger Mosquitoes being in town makes some sense to the bug bites this year.  I was a bit confused and started to think we had bugs in the house or that the kids were getting bitten by spiders! I couldn't figure out how they were getting bites during the day all of a sudden throughout the month of August.  They were bad bites too and it seemed like a never ending battle before school!! I cleaned the house more then I have in quite some time lately, I kept swearing that there had to be something in the house.

If you see an Asian Tiger Mosquito (which unfortunately you probably won't before they bite you), just know that they are quite aggressive and will bite more then once.  Don't just shoo it away and assume it will leave you alone, it won't.  From what I understand, they will just keep biting until they find a spot they like.  Thank goodness cool weather is coming (as much as I enjoyed the kids being home from school) just so the bugs will disappear.
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