Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How do You Make Oatmeal Taste Good?

I have been trying to add more oatmeal to my diet.  While the kids are at school, I am trying to have an oatmeal breakfast at least a couple days a week as it is quite good for you.  My problem is that I am not a big oatmeal fan.  I like it when you get the instant fruit packets (yup they are loaded with sugar and other stuff) and I know they are not as good for you as regular oatmeal.  But plain oatmeal just doesn't seem to taste good no matter what I add to it!

I do like oatmeal raisin cookies, but again that is because of the sugar I am sure.  I have tried adding fruit and I love fresh fruit! But for some reason the fruit doesn't seem to be a sweet enough taste in oatmeal.  I am not sure why since fresh fruits seem sweet enough without the oatmeal!

I have tried to add just a touch of sugar, but that doesn't end up helping.  I don't usually have a bad sweet tooth, but oatmeal is an exception for me I guess. I even added some vanilla extract to see if that would help - didn't really help.  I have tried just a little maple syrup and end up having to add more then I am comfortable with.

I am starting to think that me and oatmeal are not a match except in cookies! Anybody have any suggestions on how to make it taste good without adding a ton of sugar? I really want to eat it more often but when I am not really enjoying it, it makes it harder to eat regularly.

I am open to any ideas! Thank you :)

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  1. add more spices.. cinnamon and nutmeg along with the vanilla will give it more body, but you also have to add a touch of salt with the sugar or the sugar doesn't taste as sweet. like in baking, most pastries have salt and sugar. a lot of people don't realize how crucial the salt is to bringing out the flavor. good luck!

    1. I like cinnamon, but have to buy nutmeg. I think nutmeg is one of the few spices I don't have! I do add a touch of salt when it is just for me or for the kids too. The honey is on a low sodium diet so I don't cook with salt usually.

      Thank you :)

  2. try this product, pretty good, (All-bran da kelogg’s)

  3. Around here, oatmeal is eaten with applesauce and cinnamon mixed in. Added bonus, if you use cold applesauce, the oatmeal cools down enough to be able to eat right away.

    1. We do like applesauce here so I can imagine it is quite tasty! I like many things and am not picky, just oatmeal is far from my favorite lol :)


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