Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are Your Kids Getting Too Much Salt?

Salt is everywhere and in just about every food we eat.  It is even in our drinks, well except for water.  Tho sodium is an important nutrient to our bodies, it can also have bad effects on our health in high amounts.  We are on a lower sodium diet here due to the honey's blood pressure.  Yes it was quite high and that is an understatement.  Let's just say that it was a "Dr's eyes popping out of head while taking it" kind of high.  No it isn't just because of salt because I didn't really cook with much salt back before we knew of this, tho he would put salt on all of his food.

Now I rarely cook with salt and everything is lower sodium.  Our kids get the right amount of sodium throughout the day and do not get more then they should, especially not now.  I also do not want them to get too little, so it does even out throughout the day.  Especially with the amount of milk they drink.  Reading labels made me realize exactly how much sodium we were really getting in a day - I used to think we were not getting alot because I was not adding it.  Too many foods have more then enough in it!

I was already aware of the effects of sodium on adults with high blood pressure before reading this article because of our diet change, but was surprised at how this can affect kids! Here is an article from called: Too Much Salt Spells Health Troubles for Kids Too.  It is an eye opener!

Are your kids getting too much salt? With a few exceptions (we do splurge with dinner once and a while), most of the recipes I will share from now on will be a lower sodium or at least not a real high sodium meal as we don't usually go over 1100 mgs of sodium per serving at dinner - usually it is less then that.  Take note that we do quite good with sodium during the day and dinner is our meal that we can have the rest of our daily sodium in.  We try to keep the sodium between 1500 and 2000 a day, usually for him closer to 1500.  Some recipes are just good and not as healthy and it will be noted in the recipe that it is a treat and not the healthiest, like my pizza lasagna I make as a treat.

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