Sunday, August 19, 2012

No More Fabric Softener Sheets Here

We never really got into the habit of buying liquid fabric softener that you add to the washing machine, but we used to always use the dryer sheets for our laundry.  I found out about borax soap last year, and it was really by accident.  I was looking up about getting rid of fleas without harsh chemicals and I read that it helps to kill the flea's life cycle and is a natural soap.  Please note that I am talking about borax soap NOT boric acid, there is a difference.  Borax soap is natural, boric acid is toxic but yet they often get confused together.

I bought a box of the borax soap last year to help kill off the fleas and yes it did work by the way.  But being it is a laundry additive and water softener, I figured I would try it in the washer.  Yes I continued to use dryer sheets in the beginning.  Our laundry was nice and soft after taking them out of the washer before drying them after I started to use the borax soap.  But out of habit, I continued to use the dryer sheets.

I accidentally ran out of dryer sheets last month.  I say accidentally because I forgot I was on the last box of them and didn't realize exactly how low we were, I had help with laundry this summer :) So I wasn't going to rush out and buy more when this borax soap has been helping the clothes to feel soft and it isn't the end of the world if I didn't use a dryer sheet with a couple loads of laundry.

I have got to say, I didn't need to use the sheets.  The borax soap in the washer mixed with our laundry detergent made them soft enough! This stuff really is awesome.  I also heard that white vinegar can help soften clothes too so I will be trying that one shortly also.

Dryer sheets are a thing of the past in our household and I am using stuff that makes the clothes softer then the sheets ever did! Just a bit of borax soap mixed with detergent in the start of the wash cycle helps make your laundry nice and soft.  It also makes it smell nice and fresh!

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