Friday, July 20, 2012

I Am Me and This Is Who I Am

At the fair, I was really having fun I am not sure why the look on my
face! This is my favorite ride :)
I was over on Cortney's blog (The Mommyhood Project) and she had a really cool idea on her blog.  A post about "I am" that she lists her positive notes about herself and I liked the idea of doing the "I am" post.  Cortney is pregnant and she has a great view of who she is in a time of hormones that kind of control our lives! Here is her post - Guilt and the Pregnant Woman.

I decided to go ahead and take the link up challenge of doing a "I am" post here too.  So here we go and please no laughing, well ok you can laugh a little, ok you can laugh out loud if you find anything funny.  I promise not to take offense :)

Here we go:

I am a Mom who is raising wonderful kids

I am a little crazy, ok maybe more then a little, and it makes life fun

I am a woman who enjoys life for what it is and not worry about what my life is not

I am a daughter to 2 wonderful parents

I am a blogger who enjoys having fun

I am kind and helpful to others (at least I try my best)

I am fun loving

I am sitting on my couch with the laptop on the armrest so that I can be a bed for my cute cat at the moment

I am a Mom who wears her hair in pigtails still (tho not all the time)

I am quite worn out from a busy week!

Doing this post makes you really think about your great qualities and I had fun thinking of what I am.  How about you sit down and write a list of what you are.  It can help you realize how wonderful of a person you are! Hope you have fun with it, I know I did.


  1. Being a little crazy definitely makes life more fun!! ;)

  2. Isn't it funny what our kitties turn us into? lol.

    1. Hi Lady Whimsy, yeah cats have a way of getting us to cater to them and love them :)

  3. Haha I agree with Ginny, life isn't fun if it's always lived on the straight and narrow - being a little crazy keeps things interesting :)

    1. Hi Cortney, it definitely helps to make life interesting :)

  4. What are you talking about? Those are great qualities (even the cray ones) What good is life if you're so stiff? We all got a little "crazy" in all or us:)

    1. Hi Msada,

      Definitely got to have fun in life :) It's too short to worry about the little things!


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