Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Girls Created and Performed a Play

The cast of the play
In the summer we need to have some fun and keep up with creativity.  This one was all them tho, I had nothing to do with it and I was so proud of them :)

The girls kept digging out their old Halloween costumes and I wasn't sure why.  They put their costumes on to play in the yard which I thought was really odd since it is hot here and their costumes would make them warmer then a pair of shorts! So then on Friday they called us both out to the yard.  They were in costumes and all excited! So we asked why they wanted us to go to the yard and they said we have something we want you to watch.  Ok cool I thought not knowing exactly what they were up to.

We go out into the yard and they had our wooden bench set up for us.  It was then that my older daughter said we have a play we have been practicing for you guys.  Cool!! So my oldest narrated the play as she was acting too, the younger daughter was the main character as my older daughter narrated.  It was cute! It was about a cat and an owner.  The cat had been loyal to her owner and then the owner started to get mean and demanding.  The owner also tried to hit the kitty (thank goodness no accidents happened on this scene!)

The cat then found something magical that helped her grow into a cat bat and run away.  She helped people in the town and was mean to the people who were mean to her.  That is the quick explanation of the play.

The girls did a great job and we had a lot of fun :) It was definitely a cool and creative idea for the day!
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