Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buried Treasure Hunt - Easy Summer Activity

Our Buried Treasure from the treasure hunt at the river

Yesterday we went on a treasure hunt, yes a buried treasure hunt.  This is something you can do almost anywhere (if you are like me you can find buried treasure on the table!) We went to the river with a bucket and sunglasses.  I made sure the girls had their sandals on just in case they wanted to get their feet wet in the river.  

We had to be careful since this river has claimed lives so we won't let the kids go in too deep - about shin deep.  I prefer to let them get wet in a creek, but this little bit was ok and they were having fun.

When we first got to the river we had some visitors who were hoping to get fed.  We can no longer feed the geese here so I didn't have any food for them.  They are cool about the situation, they walked up close to us and then walked away disappointed.

 We walked through the sand looking for treasure.  They didn't find much by digging, but when we were moving some of the rocks on the river bed they found some shells.  We found a lot of shells shall we say :) We even found some cool snail shells! I found one in the water and picked it up.  I was studying it because it was a cool shell and I then realized that this shell was still occupied by the snail.  Quickly dropped that one back in the water!
These geese were hoping to be fed

Some of the shells have some cool colors from the algae in the river.  A couple of rocks that I found were "stained" by the algae too.  Didn't know it would stain, but when I rinsed them off well they were still green in spots.  It was a lot of fun until the sun got quite warm, may have to go back down today.

Buried treasure hunts are easy and fun for all.  Depending on where you are doing the treasure hunt, you probably only need a plastic bucket and a little plastic shovel you would bring to the beach.  If digging in dirt (and you would be surprised what you may find digging in the dirt too), you may need to bring a garden spade as a plastic shovel may not dig in the solid dirt so well.

Have you taken your kids on any buried treasure hunts? If so, where did you go and what did you find?

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