Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Waterfall Braid is Actually Quite Simple

My first attempt at the waterfall braid
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I was recommended to look up about the waterfall braid. My youngest likes her hair braided and often went to school with her hair in braids. Her teacher had told me of the waterfall braid and told me to look it up and we may like it. So I went home and Googled "Waterfall braid" and found a very easy to follow video on YouTube. I didn't have a lot of time to try it in the morning since they are hard to get ready quick enough to allow time for something new! At the bus stop, I had enough time to try it out quickly on my oldest. It will take a little practice to get it perfect, but it was actually pretty simple.

She didn't really like the fact that I did 2 braids and ended it in a V, but I am going to practice it and try it as one braid that wraps around the back of the head.  That is what she said she was hoping for.  Now I have to figure out how I will end it off if we wrap it around the back of the head.  She did like the waterfall braid, just not the way I did it here.  But of course when I took the picture and showed it to her, she liked it.  Once she got home from school she told me she took it out because she didn't like the V.

Practice will make perfect :) We will have plenty of time over the summer to practice and by next school year, maybe I will be fast enough to do it for both the girls before school!

This is the video that I watched to learn it.  She is doing the waterfall braid on her own hair (I will have to attempt this) and doing a great job! She shows you exactly how easy it is and it looks quite nice too.  The waterfall braid is the perfect cute hairstyle for little girls and also adults.



  1. Just this morning I was thinkin' about finding a hair style blog and lo and behold! I have very long, thick, naturally curly hair and have found so far some of these styles fun and easy to do. Thank's for sharing!

    1. Hi Berna,

      You are welcome! My daughter here in the picture has thick hair and it is often hard to find styles for her hair. For some reason her hair doesn't hold in many styles!
      The website where the video comes from is awesome - There were some really cool hairstyles there that I will be practicing over the summer so I have them perfected for the school year :)

  2. Replies
    1. This is such a cool braid! I will definitely be practicing to make it perfect. I think with my daughter's hair I can use the curling iron to add a little bit of a curl to each strand that drops out.

  3. Right now I'm glad when my little girl lets me comb her hair... LOL. But one day I look forward to getting to braid her hair!

    1. Lol! My girls don't usually like me brushing their hair still, but they always want their hair styled. It can be fun here in the morning getting ready for school.


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