Friday, June 22, 2012

Only On Summer Vacation Does This Happen

Our summer vacation started a little over a week ago and the kids are already driving us crazy lol! Ok not too crazy and yes we love them dearly. I have to laugh tho because of some of the things they do. But don't tell them I am laughing, I don't want to encourage these things :) Ways I know it is summer vacation: My youngest decided that the soap in the bathroom was low and she can fix this herself. We use more soap in the summer then during the school year, otherwise I would have made sure it was filled again earlier. I use the kitchen soap more and the kids use the bathroom soap more. She decided it was better to fill the soap container with water and make a soapy water. She figured she didn't need me to actually fill it with soap :) I have noticed that we have used more toilet paper in the last week then we did in the whole month before. I didn't see evidence of it being wasted in the bathroom garbage, but I can't imagine it really being used!! Do kids eat toilet paper? Now just this morning after my trip into the bathroom, I was washing my hands and look up in the mirror. I see some kind of unidentifiable substance smeared all over the mirror. It looked like little fingers smeared this substance. I have no idea what it is, but it came off easy. It looked like somebody decided to "finger paint" on the mirror! I tried to find out what it was, but when asked the kids "had no idea." I love that one because I know at least one of them knows, but nobody will admit to anything. These are little ways of knowing that summer vacation is here in our house! It is funny really, but I don't dare let the kids know it is funny or they will do even more to make me laugh. I am not interested in more messes :) Is it just my kids or do your kids do this? But I seriously want to know if kids eat toilet paper, it would explain a lot!
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