Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My first time seeing a Snow Storm

This is a guest post by my 10 year old daughter.  She loves to tell short stories and I thought it would be a great learning experience for her to type up a guest post at least once a week.  I left it the way she typed it :) Hope you enjoy the stories she will be sharing!

Mom why is it snowing in October? I don't know? What do I look like the weather woman?! No I just wanted to know why... Later it turned out to be a really fun day because me and Adrianna built a snow girl. Adrianna told me to get a hat that was  hot pink and decorated with daisies and red roses. Then a brainless and evil snow princess named Rebeca  came and took us. Lucky for us big strong Cydnee popped out and yelled "Hey smelly armpit over here"! Then came somewhere else and yelled "I'M RIGHT HERE YOU FAT SMELLY ARMPIT! "We're not that smelly" she screamed. GET HER!Then Rachel and Brielle came and saved us. Then we all had hot chocolate, all except for Rebeca! And we where happy, until she came for revenge.


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