Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ever Wear the Earth Spirit Sandals?

Earth Spirit sandals
Do you have a hard time finding sandals or any shoes that are comfortable? This is a problem I deal with any time I go to buy shoes.  Sandals I no longer have a problem with tho.  A few years ago on a trip into Walmart, I found these sandals that were called Earth Spirit.  They looked comfy with the thick padding under the feet and the straps were not hard plastic.

I tried them on and loved the way they felt! I have been buying a new pair of Earth Spirit Sandals every year since! Now I am sure if I wasn't so hard on shoes that I wouldn't have to buy a new pair each year, but these sandals are worn every where, every day.  They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn!! Seriously, I am not telling you this for a commission.  This is not a sponsored post, no compensation for this.  This is an honest review from my personal experience with Earth Spirit sandals.  

Me wearing the Earth Spirit sandals
I am a bit rough on them and they can take it.  I wear mine for long walks everyday, even in the rain.  I love the Earth Spirit sandals and they are only $20 at Walmart :) I am sure you can buy them in other stores too, but Walmart is where I buy mine each year.  They have different styles, but I like the ones with nothing between the toes and with the strap in the back.  


  1. I am agree with you
    are the best.

  2. I love that sandals, If one of my friends go to USA I use to say "buy me some sandals from Walmart...........are the best


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