Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Moon on the Delaware

Moon on the Delaware River
source: http://www.dawnconklin.com

Living close to the river has it's advantages! Tho we don't swim in it anymore, we do get some pretty pictures on our walks! The Delaware River has claimed a few lives throughout the years and it has also had a different color to it the last couple years.  But then again we have gone through flooding with rain after rain and then down to the lowest the river has been in a long time.

We were walking around town with the kids the other night and I happened to see the moon lighting up the clouds above.  I had taken a couple pictures all different angles (or shall I say different spots along the river) and this one was my favorite.

We try to take the kids for a walk every day, tho often it is at night.  The Delaware River definitely has given me some nice photos in the past as I share some of them on my photo blog- The Chicky's Photos.  Some of the Delaware River pictures on my photo blog are of the flooding after the hurricane too.

Back to this picture tho, it was a beautiful night without a breeze.  The river is flowing and the moon was quite bright! I tried to get a picture of the moon on the Delaware River and the dam at the same time, but it didn't turn out as great as this one.


  1. Hi Betsy,

    Thank you! We walk down by the river whenever it is nice. Happened to catch this at the right time :)


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