Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Blog of the Day - May 18th

Happy Friday! I can't believe it is Friday already, this week went so fast.  You know what time it is? Time for Friday's Blog of the Day :) I have been so busy this week that it feels like we should still be on Monday - glad we are not tho!

The winner of the day is...drumroll please...Lemon Drop Pie.  Ginny is a sweet person who has battled a very dangerous and devastating illness - breast cancer.  She is a strong survivor who not only battled it and won, but also became a mother after surviving it! That is something to be quite proud of :)

Ginny is somebody I talk with in our communities and I regularly visit her blog.  She has some funny life stories to tell about life with kids - and we all know that can be an adventure! Ginny has always been very kind to me and everyone else here.  Check out her daily adventures of life on her blog - Lemon Drop Pie.

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