Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trying a New Way to Color Eggs

easter eggseaster eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Usually I buy the coloring kits for the Easter eggs a little bit earlier then today but, well this year I didn't.  I meant to but I didn't make it to Walmart earlier (I haven't really been going there often at all) and I didn't see a variety at the local supermarkets on recent trips.

So Walmart now only had a brand that I do not know-I am used to only buying the PAAS, just because I have been for years and know they work! Okay, I bought the brand that I don't know.  They only have 6 colors in the package.  This is devastating!! We are used to 12 colors.  There are a lot of eggs for us to color this year.

No worries tho, I have found a couple ways that I think I can actually make homemade egg dye.  I am dying eggs tomorrow and if they work out, I will definitely write an article about it! I can't really say you would be saving money as the kits are about $2-$3 and most of the things you would use cost more, but you may already have them in the house.  If anybody has done any natural ways to color eggs, please do share.  I am afraid to post the ideas here yet, I don't know if they will work yet haha!

Wish me luck, I may need it :) That will teach me to wait until a couple days before to buy the egg colors huh?
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