Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday's Blog of the Day - April 6th

Thank goodness it is Friday! I apologize I am a little later posting Friday's blog of the day today.  I know it is a little late in the evening.  It has been a busy few days (well really busy week) and we have a family member in the hospital.  A bit crazy here, but all is doing better.

Today's blog winner is...Jessie's Fine Art.  I visited her blog for the first time this week and I was quite impressed! She is a wonderful artist who has many pictures she has painted.  I do not know her personally and I have not had the opportunity to talk with her, but she seems to be a wonderful person! Her paintings are really cool and they inspired my daughter.  My daughter would like to be an artist when she gets older and she is already doing quite well for her young age.

Jessie has pictures of the various paintings she has painted and also has many of them for sale.  They are really nice to look at, and I recommend to anybody interested in art to look at her blog.  It really is some great artwork displayed!

Check out Jessie's Fine Art today and see her really awesome paintings.  She is a great artist :)
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