Monday, March 5, 2012

Friday's Blog of the Day

I have been thinking of weekly posts that I can do on a certain day each week.  It has worked out well for Dawn's Work at Home Blog as I do business mistakes on Wednesdays.  After thinking about what I would like to talk about each week (which was hard at first since this is an anything goes blog), I finally decided what my weekly post will be.  I will be starting a post on Fridays that will be Friday's Blog of the Day.  I see so many great blogs in a week that I am not sure how I will be able to only pick one a week, but I am going to start with one.  I thought maybe Friday would be a good day for that!

It can be any blog I that catches me, about any topic.  It may be recipes (I love food), couponing, crafts, parenting or anything else.  This will start this Friday, I am excited! Keep blogging and hopefully I will see you here on Fridays :)

I am still thinking of another weekly post that I can post a certain day every week, but this I am starting this Friday.
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