Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Blog of the Day March 9th

Happy Friday everybody! Welcome to our first Friday's Blog of the Day.  This is going to be a weekly post that will highlight blogs that I enjoy reading.  Some will be new and some will be ones that I visit often.  I read many blogs a day and often I find one that stands out.  Maybe it is the content and maybe it is the blog owner who is quite nice and always responds to comments.  There are many different reasons why a blog would end up here, it can be any subject.  This is a family friendly blog so even tho there may be sites I like with silly adult humor, I will not pick any blogs with adult only content.  

On to the first Friday's Blog of the Day... drumroll... The blog is called Thrifty Momma Ramblings.  She is a nice woman (I do not know her personally but interact between our blogs) and her blog is cool.  She offers contests and giveaways often.  Her blog is mainly about frugal living with a touch of other things too.  I always enjoy dropping by to read her blog.  She also always answers the comments on her blog which shows me she cares about her readers.  All around I like her blog :)

She has 2 cool contests going on at the moment for her readers.

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