Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Blog of the Day March 30th

TGIF :) It has been a crazy week here! I am so glad today is Friday.  This means we get to share another wonderful blog today.  I have seen a lot of great blogs again this week and meeting a lot of cool bloggers as well.  It is often hard for me to pick only 1 blog!

Here we go! Today's Friday Blog of the Day is...drumroll please... Lilly Through The Valley.  Candice has a beautiful blog about her family and raising her beautiful little girl.  She has gone through some very scary times with Lilly's health and is a wonderful Mom who is keeping her head strong.  Very inspirational blog about a Mom raising her daughter.  I have had the opportunity to talk (virtual talk) with Candice each day and she is really a wonderful person.

Check out her blog and see the challenges she has gone through and well she is raising her daughter who has special needs.
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