Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's Blog of the Day March 16th

Happy Friday :) Hope we are all doing well and had a wonderful week! Each week I will be sharing a blog that I really catches my attention or a blog that I visit frequently.  The blogs that I share may be about anything and everything.  I am not sharing them based on topic, but instead based on it catching my attention for one reason or many reasons.

It is time for Friday's Blog of the Day.  Drum roll please...Niptini- "A Little Nip Mixed With Friends Makes a Whole Lot of Fun."  I love this blog! If you like cats, you will love this blog too.  There are funny pictures, cute pictures and also some cat friendly advice.  Great sense of humor and of course very cute.  I recommend Niptini to anybody who likes cats.  I am sure if you are a cat owner, you will appreciate the posts.  You will probably be able to relate as well! I am not a new visitor here, I frequently visit and enjoy.

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thank you for making us the blog of the day! You made our day! =^..^=

  2. You are welcome :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  3. Great blog...Visiting from blog frog!

  4. Hi Candice, it is nice to meet you! Thank you :)


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