Monday, March 19, 2012

The Family Haircuts - Yikes

Over the weekend I decided to start cutting the family's hair again.  We were going to a wonderful hair stylist, but I can cut hair.  It has been a long time, but I did study cosmetology in high school.  I can cut everybody's hair but my own so I was talking to my girls about doing their hair.  One was happy to have me cut it (well trim really) and the other insisted she did not need a hair cut.  I think she was worried that I was going to cut instead of trim.  She did let me do it.

So as I am talking to my girls about cutting everybody's hair, I told them that nobody would be able to cut my hair.  I said it would be cool if somebody was able to cut my hair(they would wonder why Mommy was the only one going to the hair salon.)  Well they both were trying to tell me they could do it.  Now my oldest is 10 so you know where that would leave me right? Yup with uneven hair I am sure.

My oldest tells me, "Mom, I can do it.  I have cut my Dad's hair a few times."  Ok this is true, but it was a haircut consisting of running clippers over the whole head-umm...sorry honey but no thanks.  My younger daughter, not to be outdone, says "Mom, I am good at cutting hair.  Remember when I cut that chunk out of my hair?" Umm...No thanks, I am good.

My kids crack me up! Do you cut your children's hair or do you go to a salon? It can save you money doing it yourself.
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  1. Your kids are funny. When I was young, my mom used to trim my hair too. If you can do it, it is a lot better than going to the salon especially if they only need a trim. If they want a really nice haircut, then they have to save for it. hair cutting classes

  2. My family would rather buy wigs than to get a haircut from each other. It is not our thing, although I also learned how to do simple cuts from school. You guys can make that as a bonding time.


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