Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Dinner for the Kids

Valentine's Day is a fun day for all.  Many people think of it as a holiday for couples, but kids enjoy Valentine's Day too! It is another holiday that I like to have something special for dinner.  This year we are staying home as it is on a school night.

What do you make for dinner on Valentine's Day to make the night special for the kids too? Well it can be something that everybody really likes but you do not make as often.  I have been debating what to make for the past week and I finally made up my mind this morning.  Shrimp scampi and stuffed shells.  These are 2 simple dishes (fairly simple anyway) that the whole family loves.  I do not make shrimp often so it is a nice treat.  I may even add in scallops to the shrimp.  Stuffed shells are always a treat too.

I may make homemade bread, we like it warm so I may not get the chance to.  The oven will be in use for the shells and tho I can fit bread in there, sometimes our oven does not cook the bread right when it is sharing the oven with something else.  Not sure why! Salad will be on the menu too, it goes well with many dishes.  It especially goes well with Italian dishes.

Of course we can not forget about dessert! We are cheating tonight and not making homemade dessert-well not from scratch anyway.  The kids picked out a strawberry cake mix and funfetti icing for the cake.  We will be baking it but from a box not scratch.

What are you cooking for Valentine's Day?

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