Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Bananas Have Turned Brown!

brown bananas that I am putting in the freezer for a later date

Before I started making a lot of homemade foods, I used to throw the bananas out when they turned brown.  I always thought that meant they were bad.  If they looked like this in the past, they were filed in the garbage.  One day I decided to look for a good banana nut bread recipe.  It was then that I discovered that bananas were not bad because they were brown and looked like this.  As a matter of fact, banana bread should be made with over ripe or brown bananas.  When I say brown, I mean that the peel will be brown.  There will be a little brown color to the banana itself, this is ok too.  This browning is from the sugars in the fruit and from what I have heard, when they are a little browner they have a little more potassium.  This is just what I have heard tho, not definite.

Another cool thing I have recently discovered about bananas is that when they get like this, you can freeze them if you are not using them right away.  When you freeze them, they last for quite a while.  I am not sure exactly how long, I have only had them in my freezer for no longer then 2 months.  They were still good after the 2 months tho.  When you freeze your brown bananas, keep them in the peel.  Put them in the freezer just as you would have them on the counter when they are yellow-in the peel and not wrapped in anything.  Do not put them in a freezer bag.  Tho I am sure if you had a banana puree and you froze it in a container that it would be ok.  I actually found that the frozen banana made better banana bread (might have been some kind of coincidence.)

Next time you buy bananas and they turn brown like these, don't panic and don't throw them away! You can use them in banana bread or even homemade banana pudding.  There are many uses for brown bananas, they are definitely not bad!

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