Thursday, January 26, 2012

Simple Craft-Make a Bird Feeder With the Kids

Kids love to do crafts.  Remember being a kid and making different things? It could be a simple mud pie you were proud of or a nice holiday decoration.  I was always making things as a kid (it is amazing that I am not a designer as an adult!)  Kids benefit in so many ways from making crafts.  It is fun for them, they are proud of what they made and it is great for them to be creative.

We went to a holiday event in our area where they had various things set up for the kids.  They had a stand set-up sponsored by and operated by the local police department for the kids to do crafts.  It was cool as they made pine cone ornaments and also their own bird feeders! Bird feeders are cool, the kids will enjoy watching the birds come to eat.  There are some very interesting and beautiful birds out there.

The bird feeders were real easy, you will need:
A pine cone
peanut butter
bird seed
piece of yarn

This project is not recommended if you or your child has an allergy to peanut butter.
Take the piece of yarn and tie it around the pine cone.  How you tie it depends on where you are going to hang it up.  It will probably be best to tie it and make a big loop to hang it.  Take the pine cone and coat it with a nice amount of peanut butter.  Make sure the whole pine cone is covered.  Now you just have to either sprinkle a nice amount of bird seed onto the peanut butter or roll the pine cone around in a dish filled with bird seed.  Either way, you will want to cover the peanut butter with bird seed.  You now have a pine cone bird feeder that the kids will be proud of! Hang up and enjoy :)

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