Monday, January 2, 2012

Just One of My Funny Thoughts-What is in the Cat Food?

It was time to cook dinner and this is when I usually feed the kitty her canned food.  It was a habit before Peppi passed away-he used to trip me with hot pans in my hands if I didn't feed him while I was cooking!
So anyway, I crack open the can and had a thought.  I remembered an advertisement claiming a cat food company put "what your cat would naturally eat in the wild" into the food.  Well this made me think.  What do wild cats eat? Hmmm I have seen them get mice, birds and bugs.  Ok, these companies are trying to tell us they put disease infested mice with maybe a blue jay and a couple bugs (hopefully not stink bugs) in the food? Seriously, this is what I have seen most wild cats eat.  Or sometimes they get into the garbage if desperate.

Do we really think they put this nasty stuff in our cat's food? Well we can hope they don't!! Nope, most companies have tuna flavor, beef, chicken, turkey and salmon.  Ok, let's evaluate this one for some humor.  When was the last time you saw a housecat swim 80 miles out into the ocean to catch a 400+ pound tuna??? Well that would be the day huh? Cat's don't like water enough to stand in the rain.  Is it possible for a housecat to chase down a huge cow and tackle it down? Yeah right-why would they even get close! Maybe a tiger could take a cow down but a house cat would honestly not even try (nor would it succeed.)

Don't get me wrong, I am glad the cat food has tuna, beef and other listed ingredients in it.  I feel better feeding them this then well mice, bugs and birds.  But really...don't tell us that you use ingredients our cat would eat in the wild.  At least not until you prove to us that cat's tackle these big creatures to chow down.

Just a funny thought I had.  I even started to picture the cat who went fishing in my head to picture how silly it would be!  Hope you have a wonderful week and happy new year :)

I wrote an article on hubpages about this, I thought it would be great to share some more of my thoughts in an article! You can find it here: You Put What in my Cat's Food?
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