Monday, December 26, 2011

My Experience With Shrink A Doodles

Edited on March 13th:  I would like to let everybody know that I have received a sincere apology from the company, they were sorry to hear of my children's disappointment.  They also did send me other products for my kids to try and I will share them with you after my kids start to use them.  Just wanted everybody to know that they did apologize and they have more then made up for it.  This company is a great company overall despite my problems with one specific product.  I can respect any company who stands behind their products.  end of edit.

I saw these when I was Christmas shopping for my daughters.  I used to have a blast with Shrinky Dinks when I was a kid and thought that my daughters would have fun with this kit too.  Big mistake!! It looked like a great day as the kit has the Shrink A Doodles and also things to make necklaces and a key chain.

Yeah well, we get all excited today about making them.  My youngest wants to make a necklace for somebody and she is really looking forward to doing so.  So we open the kit, followed the directions as written.  She used the pencils that were provided to color.  I pre-heated oven to 375 and once she had finished, I tried to bake them.  I say tried as that was about all that happened.  The instructions say bake for 1-3 minutes.  Well we were sitting by the oven door with the light on for quite some time beyond the 3 minutes.  She was waiting patiently with me, I was starting to wonder why they were not working.  I thought maybe my oven temp was off (this was after about 10 minutes) so I increased the temp to 400.  They were in there for quite some time again.  Still nothing.  They barely started to curl up but that was it.  No shrinking at all!

She was quite disappointed but after about 40 minutes of them not doing anything I took them out.  The only thing we did was set off the smoke alarm!!  I emailed the company as I do not think they should be selling Shrink A Doodles if this is going to be the problem (from what I read, I am not the only one.)  I had to look up the company on Google to find out any kind of contact information (there is no real information on the box or papers just Philadelphia Group as the company.)  I could only find an address and a gmail email address on the website.

My advice is that if you want to make shrinky dinks with the kiddos, make sure it is actual Shrinky Dinks brand.  Do not buy the Shrink A Doodles, they are a big disappointment and a total waste of money.
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  1. I'm sorry that your daughter and you were disappointed. What a shame.

    Have a terrific day and a very happy and prosperous New Year. :)

  2. Hi Sandee,

    It was quite a disappointment! I emailed the company Monday night and have not heard anything back. Not really expecting my money back but some answers or acknowledgement of the faulty product! I am not honestly expecting the company to answer me tho. Had to Google about them just to find any kind of contact information!

    Happy New Year :)


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