Saturday, December 10, 2011

Looking at Christmas Lights for the Holiday

A great and fun activity for the kids is driving around looking at the Christmas lights.  It is becoming a tradition for us each year now.  Last night we did a drive and now we will look up online and see if we can find any local light displays that made the news.  If we can find any local ones, we will go see them too! We did see some nice ones last night but haven't really found anybody who goes all out this year.  You know the house I am talking about-fully decked out.

I have found this year in our area that driving around the lower to middle income part of town seemed to have more lights and more houses that were decorated then in the more expensive part of town.  It seems amazing to me as you would think that people with more income would have some nice decorations.  We didn't really see any houses decorated in the expensive part of town (we live in the lower to middle income section ourselves.)  When we drove around the streets of our neighborhood, we found some really nice decorations. Why do the houses in the expensive part of town not have decorations? Do they get into the holiday season? Just curious as I thought they would at least have a few houses decorated!

If you celebrate Christmas, do you decorate your home?
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