Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Having Fun With Kids for the Holidays

During the holidays it is important to do things with your kids that will get them in the spirit of the holiday.  This is any holiday you celebrate as I know many people do not celebrate Christmas.  We celebrate Christmas here but there are many things to do for other holidays too.

We think it is important here to bring the kids out to various places to have a fun time.  It is a great experience for them-we do go out different places even when there are no holidays approaching.  Getting kids into the spirit of the holiday is great! It gets them excited for it to come and then they have fun going to relative's houses as they enjoy the holiday.  Kids can get bored sometimes at the family dinners if they do not have as much to do (if there are not many other kids to play with.)  This also creates memories that they will likely pass down to their kids.  This is very important to them growing up-no matter what holidays you celebrate!

We are aiming to do at least one holiday activity a week until Christmas.  We went to a peace candle lighting on Black Friday.  They got to make ornaments, eat smores and listen to Christmas music.  They had a blast! Now this week we went to see Santa and the lighting of the Christmas tree.  Another fun evening, Santa had gifts for them last night too.

What do you do with your kids during any holiday season?

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