Monday, November 14, 2011

Fleas-the Tough Pest to Battle

We have been battling fleas here in our area.  I have battled them in the past but nothing as bad as it has been this year.  I think our biggest problem is that there are about 15-20 wild cats just on our block alone! We cannot get anything done about them and I cannot do anything to them.  I am an animal lover for one but just would never have the heart to do anything bad to them.  It has been quite frustrating tho!

We lost our older cat last month, not sure if it was the fleas that had killed him tho.  He was 17 and it happened so suddenly.  I kept up with spraying the yard and yet our yard was still loaded with fleas.  I did not know until the he had the fleas all over him.  There was no safe flea control for him as he got really sick the last time we had used a preventive treatment on him.  Our female has had a collar on and was ok tho now she is getting bitten as she is the only cat here now.  They are dying when they bite her but the population has gotten out of control outdoors and they keep coming in! The kids are getting bitten too.

We didn't know how bad this was in the beginning since I had been spraying the yard and neither of the cats had been itching.  My male must not have been allergic and the female had a collar on.  So now we have been in a tough battle against the almighty flea.  I have been looking online everywhere to see what the best things are to use for the home.  I don't want anything that will hurt us or our kitty.  We are trying a borax soap treatment.  Also using a flea trap.  The borax soap was spread all across our carpets for a couple hours and then I used the vacuum.  I kept a layer of the soap under everything that our kids and kitty cannot access.  Supposedly this helps end the fleas life cycle.  It not supposed to kill the adult fleas but attack the egg and larvae stage.  So that is why we have the flea trap set up.  This is a light over a pie dish that has water and dish soap in it.  It has been getting the adults each night.  They come out to the light and when they jump to the light, they land in the water and die.

The other thing I got the honors of doing was giving my kitty a bath.  Yes I said that I gave the kitty a bath.  Surprisingly I didn't get too many scratches on my arm.  It was a little bit on the difficult side.  Anybody who has struggled with bathing a cat can probably imagine how amusing this was.  I used a mild lemon scented dish soap with water.  She is softer then she has ever been and I haven't found anything new on her.  We are still catching the adults in the trap tho.

These pests are really a pain, all this because of the stray cats in the neighborhood that nobody will deal with.  Not sure if that is why I lost my male cat last month but I don't know what to do with these strays-no I do not feed them but we end up with most of them in our yard throughout the night.

If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know!!

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