Saturday, November 19, 2011

Changing Our Diet to Low Sodium Diet

We are trying to eat a little bit healthier here in the house.  Now don't get me wrong, we were not junk food aholics but we could be a little better with our eating habits.  I for one never really ate much breakfast.  I make sure the kids eat and I will eat breakfast when I cook a big breakfast but I don't eat cereal with them.
We don't eat a ton of junk but some things have more sodium then I thought! It wasn't until a family member was diagnosed with high blood pressure (quite high blood pressure) that we realized how much sodium was in things.  I always thought we had a fairly low sodium diet since I don't add salt to much.  Yup, I was wrong! I have been checking labels and have been in for a shock.
Since a lot of sodium isn't good for anybody, we are all going to change our eating.  It really shouldn't be too hard, I just have to check labels for quite a while before buying and using.  I never really thought about sodium in cheese, it doesn't surprise me now but I never really thought about it.  We will get through this even tho it will difficult meal planning for the time being!
If you have high blood pressure or are worried about sodium intake, seriously start looking at the sodium content on packaging and note how many servings are in the container compared to how many servings it is to you (a can may say 2 servings but to you it is 1 serving.)  It can amaze you! We are not cutting sodium out and I think your body needs to have sodium in moderation.  We are just trying to keep our daily intake at a reasonable level.  Now there are other factors that contributed to his high blood pressure but we are trying to work out the various things.  Change in diet is the easiest to tackle.

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