Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Expenses of Childhood

Wow, I never really realized how many things my parents had to buy for me when I was growing up.  I know they got me all that I needed but I never knew how much they had to get and pay for! Well that is until now.  When they say childhood is expensive, they were not kidding.  I am not complaining, trust me, I love my kids and would do anything for them.  It is just crazy how much you end up spending once they go to school.  You would think that the diaper and formula days would be the most expensive but no, not the case!

Now with them both in school, besides the obvious buying clothes and food, we are constantly finding new ways to spend our money.  Never run out of ideas to spend it.  Girl scouts for both and that is not as expensive as some activities but not as cheap as I expected either.  You have uniforms, patches and badges, registration fees, books to buy and troop dues.  Girl scouts are totally worth it tho for both the girls, not at all complaining-just surprised.  What gets me the most tho is at the same time as girl scouts starting, they both have fundraisers with the school (and also fundraisers with the girl scouts) and one of my daughter's has 2 fundraisers at the same time from school!!  I understand the fees associated with the girl scouts and believe me, I think it is a wonderful program so please do not think that it is at all bad.  It is a non-profit organization and fees help cover the expenses of everything to allow the girls to be in a troop and to grow with the girl scouts.

Ok so let's look at that again- girl scout fees, 3 fundraisers total for school and 2 fundraisers total for girl scouts and now to top it all they both have school pictures the same week.  So that is a total of 5 fundraisers, girl scout fees and 2 sets of school pictures-all due in the same pay period.  It is doable here but I just think about the parents who cannot afford all of this at once.  This can be quite an expense all at once! Can't the schools think about this before sending home all of this at the same time of pictures? Just a question I have been thinking about as I was paying for all of this stuff at once.

For the parents who are on limited income or short money due to downsizing or lay-offs, my thoughts are with you! I can only imagine what you are going through in this bad economy with more expenses.
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