Friday, October 21, 2011

Coping With the Loss of a Pet

Peppi's attitude that everybody loved

Many people have pets.  When you have pets, you get attached to them.  They become part of the family that we love as we would any other family member.  This is the way we all feel about our male cat-Peppi and of course we feel the same as our female Penelope too.  Both have been a part of my family before I had children.  He was 17 years old and had a happy and healthy life.  She is currently 10 and still healthy.  About a month ago I wrote an article titled Life as Told by Peppi.  It was an article that described how I thought Peppi viewed life given his attitude.

His cool markings
Lounging in the sun on a nice summer day
Peppi has given us all a lot of joy, he was a little bit cranky but it was his lovable personality.  I have done a lot for him to make sure he remained healthy and happy.  Not that he required a lot to remain healthy but I made sure that he was happy.  He passed away last night when we were all sleeping.  I woke up today October 21, 2011 and walked into the living room which was still dark and thought he was sleeping.  I then realized that he was no longer with us.  I have to think about how peaceful he looked as if he died in his sleep.  I would like to think that he went in his sleep.

Looking back today, I think of things that should have given me a clue he needed help.  Maybe there was nothing I could do but this is all I can think about.  I know he is ok now.  If he was suffering any pain, he is no longer suffering.  This is also the way I must look at it.  Though I still can't help myself from thinking that if I did something differently he would still be alive.

It is very difficult when a pet dies.  He really will be missed by all of us, he was a family member.  I may be a little out of sorts for a few days.  I am going to say to all of you, when you suffer a loss of a pet, please do not think about what you could have done to prevent it.  It does not help and you honestly will probably never know.  Try to remember the good times only.  I know it is hard, I am trying this myself.  It makes the grieving worse when you think about what you could have done differently.  Trust me, I know as I can't stop feeling like it was my fault.

Peppi- 1994-2011

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