Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Funny Story as Told by the Cat

Peppi the Cat with his well known attitude!
I have been writing more articles lately.  Not just article marketing, some of it is but not all.  I started writing about various topics.  One of the things I decided to write about recently is my cats.  Cats are very cool animals with a mind and attitude of their own! So I wrote an article called Cat's are a Great Stress Relief and afterwords I was thinking about how the cats would view life.  Upon thinking about it, I decided to write a story about how my male cat would probably view life given his attitude and spunk.  It was meant to be a humorous article, it is called Life as Told by Peppi the Cat.  I am sharing it with everybody who is looking for a good chuckle, hope you enjoy it.
Have a wonderful day!

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