Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Little About Me

Many of you know that I am a business woman.  However there is more behind me then business! I am a Mom of 2 beautiful girls.  Life has been wonderful raising them, yes they do occasionally drive us crazy tho.  But that is with all kids, it happens.  I thank them often for my grey hairs, they look at me funny.  We also have 2 crazy cats, and yes I mean crazy cats.  Occasionally I may post pictures of them here as this blog is more about who I am and not just a business blog.   My cats are a big part of my family, they have been with me since before my honey and kids.  My male is 16 years old, I dread the day something happens to him.  My female is my protector so to speak.  She knows if I am not feeling well and she always sleeps next to me every night.  I do mean every night, at least until I fall asleep, not sure if she gets up after I am asleep.

Life can get a little crazy in our household but that is all good.  It makes life entertaining!

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